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The Gates of Light. James Aitchison Paperback ISBN 978-1-869848-07-1, £8.00. 21 March 2016.

The Gates of Light is a substantial collection of poems written since 2009 by James Aitchison, author of New Guide to Poetry and Poetics (Rodopi Editions, 2013), The Golden Harvester: the Vision of Edwin Muir (Aberdeen University Press, 1988) and The Cassell Dictionary of English Grammar (Cassell, 1996), as well as five previous poetry collections.

James Aitchison’s vigorous poetic gifts light upon trees, birds and wild animals with strong, unsentimental feeling and a beautifully scientific veracity; his poems pinpoint social ills, confront searing memories, and skilfully portray the challenges of old age, giving rueful, gracious thanks to an enduring love.

Praise for James Aitchison’s previous poetry books:

“The measure is driven by natural speech cadence and yet it is artful, emotive and memorable. It takes a lifetime of reflective practice to write as simply as that. It is a joy to read.” Helena Nelson, The Dark Horse.

“...technically adroit, deeply felt, and artistically mature.” Donny O’Rourke, The Herald.

“...with James Aitchison, there is always a sense of an intelligent and kindly interlocutor.” Richard Price, PN Review.

“In this poet’s work two important things are immediately apparent – a properly distanced compassion for people and almost everything which makes up the natural world, and a respect for language ... In these good poems, feeling and poetic skill are always linked together, and the whole book is not only finely chiselled but a good augury...” Elizabeth Jennings, The Scotsman